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Why Special Dispatch of California, Inc.?

Retail customers rarely think about how products get to the shelves of their favorite stores. What they do notice is when those shelves are empty or when their special orders are delayed. Any breakdown in this inventory process can lead to unhappy customers, negative word-of-mouth and ultimately lost sales for your company.

Special Dispatch of California, Inc. has been providing retail companies with peace of mind since 1988. Our full range of retail delivery services allows our clients to focus on giving their customers the products they need rather than worrying about the logistics of their inventory flow.

What Makes Special Dispatch of California, Inc. Unique

Because we are a small retail delivery company, we do not have a “standard” way of doing business. All of our services are flexible, allowing us to customize a retail delivery program around your company’s unique needs. Best of all, we bypass the “red tape” typically found with larger companies so we can get you up and running as quickly as possible.

One of our main goals is to provide outstanding customer service that is above and beyond what typical retail delivery companies offer. By partnering with Special Dispatch of California, Inc., you will reap the benefits of our trained and experienced delivery logistics professionals. We can analyze your current delivery processes, identify inefficient methods and recommend alternatives to streamline your processes and save your company money. With Special Dispatch of California, Inc. you can depend on:

  • Customization of our base services to meet any of your delivery needs
  • Dedicated account managers so you have a single point of contact
  • On-time, precise deliveries
  • Courteous, experienced drivers
  • Full background checks on all people involved with your delivery processes
  • Reliable vehicles
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Personalized reports on any aspect of your deliveries
  • State-of-the-art delivery technology
  • Top-notch security measures to keep your precious inventory safe

Services Provided by Special Dispatch of California, Inc.

From storing your inventory to delivering the right products to multiple locations in one trip, Special Dispatch of California, Inc. can meet your retail delivery needs every step of the way. We know our retail delivery boundaries, and we are careful not to over-commit to your company. Our services include:

Retail Delivery in California and Beyond

Do not let our name fool you. Special Dispatch of California, Inc. services clients in states beyond California. Currently we have clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix and Las Vegas. However, if your delivery needs extend beyond these areas, we are equipped to grow our business to meet those needs.

If your retail company is struggling with the intricacies of routine deliveries, please contact Special Dispatch of California, Inc. today to arrange a detailed analysis of your current delivery methods so our professional team can suggest methods to simplify your retail deliveries.