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DC Bypass

DC Bypass

Distribution centers (DCs) are the backbone of any retail company. The amount of traffic going into and out of these hubs is often overwhelming, and many companies struggle with how to manage the traffic flow and keep their inventory at maximum.

Special Dispatch of California, Inc. can create a customized DC bypass solution to help your company reduce DC bottlenecks by moving your products directly to their final destination.

Benefits of DC Bypass


By bypassing distribution centers, your company will be able to save time and money while moving your products to market more quickly. Other benefits of DC bypass include:

  • Quicker inventory updates
  • Increased customer service
  • Reduced labor and transportation costs
  • Reduced product loss and damage

If your company’s distribution center is experiencing congestion and backlogs, it may be time to consider DC bypass. Please contact Special Dispatch of California, Inc. today to speak to a trained transportation specialist to determine if our services are a right match for your needs.