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Dedicated / Exclusive

Dedicated / Exclusive

Supporting an in-house transportation division can be costly and a logistical nightmare for companies. Special Dispatch of California, Inc. can relieve your company of this burden through our dedicated/exclusive transportation services. By outsourcing transportation, your company can focus on improving your products, satisfying customers and increasing your bottom line.

Special Dispatch of California, Inc. works directly with your company to identify your needs and design a cost-effective program to move your products from destination to destination.

Benefits of Dedicated/Exclusive Transportation


At Special Dispatch of California, Inc., top-notch customer service is our priority. We assign a dedicated account manager to supervise every aspect of your dedicated/exclusive transportation service. This account manager ensures that you receive:

  • Consistent, accurate deliveries
  • Delivery tracking ability
  • Performance reports
  • Pricing reports
  • Dedicated, experienced drivers and back-up drivers
  • Dedicated vehicles

If your company relies upon frequent product deliveries to keep your locations stocked with the right amount of inventory, Special Dispatch of California, Inc. can streamline your process and create amazing cost savings.

To learn more about Special Dispatch of California, Inc.’s dedicated/exclusive transportation services, please contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our experienced representatives.