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Loss Prevention at Special Dispatch of California, Inc.

Loss Prevention

The protection of a retail store’s inventory is vital to the success of its business. Any company can provide delivery and warehousing services; but at Special Dispatch of California, Inc., we realize that our clients depend on us to move and house their inventories effectively and safely. Our Loss Prevention measures are geared toward giving you the peace of mind to know your inventory is secure.

Trustworthy Team

At Special Dispatch of California, Inc. we work hard to ensure that we are employing the most dependable and knowledgeable people in the field. All associates are required to pass a rigorous background check prior to employment as well as on an annual basis. Our associates regularly attend Loss Prevention Education Training programs to keep our company on the cutting edge of Loss Prevention technology.

Warehouse Loss Prevention


Only authorized associates have access to each Special Dispatch of California, Inc. warehouse. We utilize state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and security systems to protect all interior and exterior areas of our facilities. Our warehouses are continually monitored through our off site monitoring station to provide the safest environment possible for our clients’ inventory. We also provide:

  • Secured trailer storage at all facilities

Delivery Loss Prevention

The security of your inventory continues when your products leave our warehouses. Our experienced drivers are trained to safely transport any type of inventory supported by additional Loss Prevention measures, including:

To learn more about Special Dispatch of California, Inc.’s Loss Prevention measures, please contact our office today and protect your mobile inventory at every step of its journey.