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LTL Services

LTL Service (less than truckload)

Not every company moves enough products from location to location to make full truckload delivery cost-effective.  LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping through Special Dispatch of California, Inc. can help to “lessen the load” on shipping costs by combining your smaller deliveries with similar shipments going to nearby destinations throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada. Shipments are carefully tracked by our team of professionals every step of the way, and a dedicated account manager is always available to pinpoint the location of your delivery.

Benefits of LTL Services

Shipping freight in smaller quantities allows companies to act quicker on customer requests and tackle challenging inventory situations. Product inventories on location can be leaner, allowing for cost savings in reduced rental space. This can also allow companies to expand into new markets more economically.

LTL Service Overview

With Special Dispatch of California, Inc. as your shipping partner, you will reap the benefits of:

  • Fast Delivery:
    Most shipments can be moved within 1-2 days for quick and flexible supply chains.
  • Economical:
    Our LTL services can increase your company’s bottom line through shipping savings. We will suggest cost-effective solutions and competitive pricing to move your freight.
  • Selection:
    We utilize a variety of vehicles to move your shipments, including vans, tractor trailers, air-ride trailers, and straight trucks with lift gates.
  • Variety:
    We can pick-up and deliver to homes, businesses, conventions and warehouses using standard, two men or white glove services.
  • Delicate Handling:
    You can rest easy that your fragile and high-value shipments will arrive safely in our care. All of our delivery professionals are specially trained to provide the utmost care to any shipment, with special attention to delicate deliveries.
  • Reliability:
    Our state-of-the-art shipping technology keeps our professional drivers on-time and on budget.
  • Accountability:
    It isn’t enough to simply ship your freight on time; our team ensures that your shipment is delivered accurately and safely. And your dedicated account manager can keep you fully informed on any aspect of your shipment.
  • High Volume Discounts:
    If your shipment exceeds 7 pallets and/or 7,000 pounds but is still not large enough for a full truckload, you may qualify for a discounted rate – without sacrificing delivery times.

If you have small shipment needs, please contact Special Dispatch of California, Inc. today to speak to a representative or request an information form.