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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Returns and overstocks are an unfortunate part of any retail business. The trick is to manage these items effectively in effort to make them available to future consumers or to dispose of them properly. Special Dispatch of California, Inc. offers a reverse logistics service to provide the most cost-effective way to reduce expenses on returns.

Benefits of Reverse Logistics


You can depend upon Special Dispatch of California, Inc.’s trained team of professionals to handle each step of the reverse logistics process. With our coordination efforts, we can help your company:

  • Consolidate returns from multiple locations
  • Reduce transportation costs of returned items
  • Gain complete control over the return process
  • Update inventories more effectively with active scanning
  • Move returned items back into circulation as quickly as possible
  • Dispose of unwanted items through a variety of options, including donation facilities, destruction companies and closeout specialists
  • Improve your bottom line

Special Dispatch of California, Inc. can also handle:


  • Return coordination
  • Home side recovery
  • Salvage or liquidation
  • OS&D (over, short and damaged) service
  • Product recalls

To learn more about the reverse logistics service provided by Special Dispatch of California, Inc., please contact our office today to speak to a representative or to request an information form.