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Companies that rely upon physical products to meet their customers’ needs require sufficient space to manage their inventories and keep their supply chains moving smoothly. Special Dispatch of California, Inc. offers warehousing and dedicated warehousing solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and develop their businesses.

We partner with our clients to develop warehousing solutions that help you save money, improve your customer service and increase your bottom line. We continually evaluate the effectiveness of our arrangement to ensure that your ever-changing goals are being met.

While Special Dispatch of California, Inc. has existing warehouse facilities in California, Nevada and Arizona, we are fully equipped to research additional locations to meet your specific requirements.

Dedicated Warehousing


For larger companies with significant overhead, Special Dispatch of California, Inc. offers dedicated warehousing to control the storage and handling fees of your inventory. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to explore viable facility options and the often unforeseen details, including:

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Management

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to ensure that you have one point of contact for all of your communication with Special Dispatch of California, Inc. This contact can also aid in coordinating product distribution, as needed.

Benefits of Dedicated Warehousing


By allowing Special Dispatch of California, Inc. to coordinate your dedicated warehousing, your company can move the focus from logistics to enhancing your business and increasing your revenues. Benefits of dedicated warehousing include:

  • Inventory control
  • Guaranteed warehouse space
  • Fixed warehousing, equipment and maintenance costs
  • Reduced supply chain costs
  • Improved customer service

If your company is struggling with warehousing concerns, please contact Special Dispatch of California, Inc. today to speak to a representative or request an information form.